Coconut milk curry sauce- Vegan & Gluten free

For 5 big coconut milk cans, yield 12 liters


White onion- 4 ea

Garlic – 60 gr

Ginger – 50 gr

Coconut milk- 5 big cans

Yellow carry paste- 2

Curry powder – 20 gr

Soy sauce- gl free- 200 gr

Pour all ingredients into a large pan and cook for half an hour and finally blende

Notice: some curry paste has shrimp paste inside, so if you want making vegan style make sure using vegan style.

chef mani

Blue cheese Vs Gorgonzola cheese

Blue cheese is very famous kind of cheese which has penicillium mold grown on. These lines of penicillium are blue colour, that is why it is named blue cheese. Blue cheese is originally from france. It is made of cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s milk. Regular blue cheese has salty sharp and very strong aroma. Lots chefs using this cheese for making steak sauces, salads, sandwiches or they serving with wines. Our chef in using for graze and mezze services.

Gorgonzola is a place in Northern Italy. Gorgonzola cheese is made of unskimmed cow’s milk. Gorgonzola is type of italian blue cheese which has penicillium mold. Gorgonzola has salty and crumbly taste which doesn’t very sharp smell like regular blue cheese. We offering this cheese in our graze and mezze services.

Parmesan cheese Vs Grana-padano cheese

That’s hardly to write the different between these cheeses. Both are kind of Italian style hard cheese and made from high quality cow’s milk. Parmesan cheese is nick name of parmegiano reggiano. The taste, texture is almost same. Parmesan cheese made with mix of whole and skim milk and it must age at least 12 months. but Grana-padano made with just skimmed milk and must age at least 9 month. Huge different is the colour, Parmesan is golden and grana-padano is white. Taste is depended to aged. More aged more tastiest. taste for parmesan is buttery and nutty. We using  parmesan cheese for our grazing services. We invite you check out our website . Make sure next time before buying parmesan look closer. How long your cheese has aged? Are you taking parmigiano reggiano or Grana padano? 

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