The Graze service consists of several sections such as fresh fruits, cheeses, breads, snacks, chocolates and sweets, nuts and meats. In Graze service, depending on the season and the area where you live, you can serve anything. There are no restrictions on adding and subtracting items in the Graze services, like Antipasto or charcuterie or Mezze services. The purpose of this service, like its meaning, is for guests to choose something as a welcome or as their own appetizer. The very most important thing for graze service is design and decoration. You can use any cheese in the cheese section, but it is better to use gouda, old cheddar, Brie. and for fruits, use strawberries, kiwis, figs, blackberries, and mangoes. You can also use salami, prosciutto, Ham and chorizo for meat. Chickpea and beet hummus, eggplant babaghanoush are most popular dips. In Our Mediterranean Chef give You some new ideas for dips. Sourdough bread, baguette bread, gourmet crackers are good for bread section. Liquid locally honey or honey comb and some kind of fruit jams as fig or quince jam are good ideas. Premium chocolate or macaroons for sweets section and pistachio, hazelnuts , almonds and dried apricots for nuts and dried fruits. Also you need some flowers and foliage for design.