Mezze is a collection of  dishes served as Super fresh appetizers in the Mediterranean.  Mezze is mostly served as a part of multi course meals, such as dips, olives, veggies, naan breads, meats, fruits and nuts. while in Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans, they function more as snacks while drinking or talking. Mezze service is very fresh and delicious, there are variety of local cheeses such as feta, halloumi, goat cheese and variety of cheeses flavored in pure olive oil.  Mediterranean people are very interested in vegetables, they eat vegetables with all their food.  Many dips from this region are known all over the world.  In our Mezze table service, ten models of these types are served, which you can find on our website, . Another very popular dish is falafel. It is interesting to know that falafel has various flavory and each country makes a special taste of this food.  You can order the best Lebanese Arabic from our website. Chef Mani has a lot of experience with Mediterranean food and a variety of kebabs and dips in the area.